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राधाष्टमी Radhastami


Goddess Radha was born to Vrishbhanu and Kirti. One saga says that Radha was the girl of King Vrishbhanu, who found Radha as a child when he was cleaning the floor for a yagna puja. While another scholar says that when Lord Vishnu was to take birth on earth as Lord Krishna, he requested that his family go with him. Hence, Goddess Radha came on earth as lover to Lord Krishna. It is trusted that Radha was older to Lord Krishna and that her eyes were closed until Krishna appeared in front her. So wonderful is her adoration for Krishna.


This day is commended in the honor of Goddess Radha birthday. This fair is commended in North area as well as the nation over with most extreme bliss and joy. It approaches after Janamashtami (Birthday of Lord Krishna) with the hole of 15 days. Radhastami falls in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September) and on its eighth day. On this day fast of Mahalakshmi is also begun.

It is mainly celebrate in Shri Krishna temple and best in Mathura and Vrindavan and in ISKON Temple over the world. Goddess Radha has a few names among which few are Radha rani, Radhika, Srimati, Gandharvi, Krishnamayi, Vrindavaneshwari, Vrajrani or Gokula Taruni.

She was born or rather accepted to be found lying on lotus leave in a lake in Barsana, suburb of Mathura and by couple Vrishabhanu and Kirti (or Kalavati). These two persons are supposed to be the fractional representation of Lord Narayana and Goddess Lakshmi.

Radha love for Lord Krishna is not confined to human limits. It is something which typical peoples can’t comprehend in one life. It is attested that the best way to get Krishna is through Radha. Her adoration is imperishable and proved by her by not opening her eyes till Lord Krishna come back to this earth ins spite of being just about 11 months senior to him. Radha is the spirit of Lord Krishna.

This celebration is important for the peoples who consider Lord Krishna as their sacred god. To understand its significance initial one have to destroy frauds from its inward soul. This celebration is the fusion of single human soul with all inclusive God soul.

As indicated by Bhakti-rasamarta-sindhu Lord Krishna has 64 qualities while the partner has just 25 which are all that could possibly be needed to control the previous.
When, Lord Krishna asked Radha, “Let me know Where I don’t exist”? Radha smiled and answered “In my Destiny”. At that point Radha asked Krishna, “Why our marriage can’t happen?” To then Krishna lightly laugh and answered, “For marriage two people are required, we are as of now one”.

The essence of genuine romance and dedication is Radha. This favorable celebration of ‘Radhastami’ is devoted to Radha incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and imprints the birth annivarsary of Radha. It is seen on the ‘Shukla Ashtami’ of the Bhadrapada month. She was also called “Radhika” or ‘Radharani’, the childhood friends and companion of Lord Krishna. Krishna lovers offer their admiration to Radha on this day in different temples exceptionally at her origin, the sacred city of ‘Barsana’. It is said that in the event that one figures out how to please Radha, Lord Krishna’s blessings are additionally looked for because Lord Krishna lives in Radha.

Radha: The most imperative of the Gopis

As indicated by Skanda Purana there were around 16000 Gopis, of which 108 were the appreciable ones. Out of the 108, 8 Gopis were the Principal ones and Radha the most imperative of all. The names of the Gopis are Lalita, Visakha, Champakalata, Chitra, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi. It is trusted that Goddess Radha’s love for Krishna was beyond anything mortal; her adoration for Krishna was incomprehensible. Radha and Krishna were one and the same. This nature of hers has been proved in numerous legends, one of which is given underneath.

To test the love of Radha for Krishna, her friends played a trick on her by giving her a hot glass of milk to drink. On listening to that the milk was sent by Krishna, Radha drank it on the double. The friends were surprised to see that Radha was absolutely fine even after drinking a hot glass of milk. Their slight frustrated converted into tragedy when they saw Krishna suffering from ulcer in his throat as an after effect of the hot milk that radha drank. This episode proved to everybody that Radha and Krishna are one and the same. So great was Radha’s love for Krishna that she drank the boiling milk thus awesome was Krishna’s love for Radha that he never given any chance to pain to touch her.

Celebration of Radhastami

As indicated by the old stories, When Lord Vishnu took “idol” as Krishna, Goddess Laxmi apperared as ‘Radharani’. This day denote the birth anniversary of Radharani. The scholars says that, Vrishbhanu was passing by a riverside in “Barsana” where he heard the crying of a child. To his wonder, an infant baby girls was skimming in a lotus flower on the stream. Since he and his wife Kamlavati did not have any child of their own, they adopted her joyfully and began take care of her. Radha born on the earth exactly two weeks after Lord Krishna’s birth and did not open her grand eyes till the time Krishna did not appear in front of her. Sage “Narada” told Vrishbhanu and his wife that Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi and they have been honored. The adoration for Radha and Krishna till date is considered as the most heartfelt and profound love that has ever happened between lovers. They are considered as one and consequently Krishna combine in Radha. The peoples who chant Radha are said to be honored with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi’s blessings.

To worship Radha ji there is a predefined Mantra

“Aum Vrashbahnujaye Vidmahe, Krishnapriyaye Dheemahi Tanno Radha Prachodyat”


How to worship Radha ji on ‘Radhastami’?

1. Place the idols( murti) of Lord Krishna and Radharani together.

2. Clean the idols with Panchamrit (blend of curd, milk, nectar, buttermilk and heavenly Ganga water)

3. put new garments and blossoms to the idols.

4. The devotee then offers, ‘Dhoop’, incense sticks, ‘Kumkum’, ‘roli’, ‘Akshat’, blossoms and “Shringaar” things to the idols.

5. Devotess then alongside their entire families sing Radharani’s “Aarti” and circulate “Prasad” or desserts to everybody.

6. Devotees serenade ” Jai Shree Radhe” the entire day to look for the endowments from Lord Krishna.

7. Radha is considered as the consort of Lord Krishna. She is an perfect example of genuine and true love. Unique “Pooja” customs are performed on this day. Ladies obverse fast to look for blessings of Radha for their love.

The festivals achieve its crest in Rawal, the origin of Goddess Radha. The idol is washed, enlivened with new garments and uncommon gems. Expansive measure of milk, coconut, ghee and nectar is utilized for the puja functions which are later conveyed to the enthusiasts as prasad. Places like Vrindavan, Mathura and Braj have similarly amazing festivals like the one in Rawal. There is place named as MATHURA which is the birthplace of lord KRISHNA. Hence in Mathura, and the peoples of Mathura have something special for their sacred god Lord Krishna and lovely Goddess Radha ji.
There is a strong bonding of Mathura’s peoples with this perfect couple due to their divinity, sacrifice nature and pure love to each other. It is assumed that Radha ji have a soft corner for the peoples of braj, Mathura and nearby places like Goverdhan, Vrindavan ( where shri Krishna and Radha ji used to meet and dance together at each nigh in a forest which is a celestial place known as nidhivan.), Barsana and Gokula because these all are religious places which are somewhere connecting to the Lord Krishna. And Radhika ji is an awesome lover of Krishna hence this tuning of these two, is most devotional and perfect example for the peoples who want to blessed to get true love in this world like Radha-Krishna.

May this celebration present to all of you the satisfaction and flourishing, and may you be showered with the endowments of Goddess Radharani.

Radha, the mother of magnificence, consort of Lord Krishna and perpetually a case of genuine, unfathomable and internal love. Radharani, her introduction to the world, her adoration for Lord Krishna and how this celebration is commended wonderfully all over India. The day of Radhastami festival is consists an unique importance among all the devotees of Hindu religion and outsider from India as well.

Radhastami is commended in the Bhadrapada month on the Ashtami of Shukla Paksha. This is an amazing occasion in Gahavar backwoods in Barsana, suburb of Mathura. Also in spots like Braj, Vrindavan and Rawal the festivals are pretty much as great as Janmashtami.

Great puja and customs are performed on this day. Ladies observe fast to get the favors of Radharani. Temples wonderfully decorated having placed the idols of Krishna and Radha; and devotees line up to get a look( darshan) at this wonder.

Radhastami is an immense celebration for the peoples of Vrindavan and the nearby ranges. On ordinary days, peoples are not permitted to serenade Radha’s name or plunge in the sacred Radha Kund on the grounds that it is considered as insolent for the Goddess. However upon the arrival of Radhastami, the lovers can take a dunk in the lake and serenade Her name after 12 pm. Along these lines, each year peoples gathered in huge numbers on this day to scrub down in the Radha Kund and get blessings by Radha Rani.

The idol of Radha is washed with water from 27 unique wells of the region and “prasad” comprising of milk, curd, and ghee is offered to the Goddess. Reverential melodies, for example, the bhajan and kirtan are sung for the duration of the day out of appreciation for the god. Subsequently, Radhastami holds a unique profound centrality for every one of the peoples who trust in Lord Krishna and His immense love for Radha. The celebration commends the interesting relationship of the God with His devotees.

Significance of Radhashtmi

It is a conviction that on this day the devotees of Radha rani, get opportunity to view her lotus feet stays secret and blessed. As indicated by Bhagavata Gita Lord Krishna is the main God and all others are only his representation. By keeping fast on this day enthusiasts will be liberated from every one of their missteps or sins they have done. It is the best approach to get colossal peace and fulfillment in life on this planet as well as in the paradise. A mood of satisfaction and jubilancy is made everywhere throughout the nation on this day. Cultural programs and bhajans and kirtans are being arranged on this day.

Radhastami is a vital celebration for all the Krishna bhakts. It is trusted that in the event that one observes fast on Radhastami and adores the Goddess with the most extreme dedication, the person is liberated from all his/her mistakes and sins. The person achieves spiritual wishes which gives him/her huge peace and fulfillment. The brain of the person is cleared from all the terrible and negative considerations which gives him/her the quite craved mental and divine fulfillment. One can get all the luxuries and prosperity if he adorn Radha ji on this auspicious day of Radha ashthami, it is said that if anyone wants to get blessings of Lord Krishna or want to please krishna, first praised Radha with pure devotion and dedication, Krishna will come to you and provide you all the blessings and chance to be a beloved of these both.

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