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Solah Somvar Vrat Katha in English

16 Solah Somvar Vrat Katha in English

When Lord Shiva went to the well-known city of Amravati with Parvati also with him. meanwhile, lord Shiva and Parvati noticed a beautiful temple of Shiva over there. They both decided to invest some time there. One day, Parvati felt Lord Shiva in a lively mood. She said to him, Oh my Lord, let us have a dice game. Lord Shiva obliged her, and the dice game began. Then, the priest of the temple had come there. Parvati turned towards him and said, Please predict who will win this game? The Brahman gave no genuine thought to her question and suddenly said, Lord Shiva will win. By the way, Parvati won.

She was irate because the Brahman had told an untruth. Lord Shiva attempted to conciliate her, yet she reviled( curshed) the Brahman that he be leper means he will be suffered from leprosy. At the appropriate time, the Brahman turned into a pariah and spent a sad life. After some time a couple of fairies dropped on the earth and felt pity for the destiny of the priest. On asking him, the priest portrayed the entire scene. One of the pixies said You watch Monday fasts for sixteen weeks without a break. On the seventeenth Monday, set some up heavenly nourishment or Prasad with flour blended with ghee and gur. Circulate this prasad among the individuals from your family and take some yourself. You will be free from this uncleanliness. The Pixies vanished, and the priest made after the directions. Before long, he recaptured his ordinary wellbeing. When Lord Shiva and Parvati again went to that temple.

Parvati was astonished to see the priest. He was his typical self. She enquired about this accomplishment, and the priest portrayed the entire story. Parvati was cheerful; she also chose to attend Monday fasts for sixteen weeks. Of course, when it was the seventeeth monday, Parvati was looking for break the fast, her cherished son Kartikeya, who was disappointed with her, showed up and said, O dear mother what is that force with which you have called me? What is the secret? Parvati said, O my dear child, this Marvel is because of having Monday fasts for sixteen weeks without intrusion. Kartikeya Brahman companion had been in a remote area for a long while. Kartikeya said I should watch Monday fasts for sixteen weeks for glad gathering with my companion.

He attended the 16 weeks fasts according to rules and to his great amazement his companion returned solidness and healthy. The companion enquired about the supernatural occurrence and Kartikeya let him know the modalities to be watched for Monday fast. The Brahman companion was extremely inquisitive about his marriage. He chose to attend the Monday fasts for sixteen weeks. On the seventeenth Monday, the Brahman companion went to a city. The leader of the town decided to wed his little girl to a man on whose neck his all around brightened elephant would put the laurel. The Brahman joined the appear. By the way, the elephant garlanded him. The king of the city gave him his girl and lot of cash as well. The couple left the next day and were back in their home.

Solah Somvar Vrat Katha in English

On a special night, the lady said, O my dear, how is it that the elephant overlooked every one of the sovereigns and garlanded you? How could you have been able to you succeed on the propitious minutes? The spouse said I watched fasts on sixteen Mondays. Monday is Lord Shiva’s day. It is because of his blessings that I got a lovely wife like you. My companion Kartikeya uncovered this mystery to me. The bride excessively chose, making it impossible to watch fasts on sixteen Mondays for a beautiful child loaded with information. Her commitment proved to be fruitful, and she brought forth a delightful child. As the son grew up, he said to his mom, O my dear mother, what is the riddle behind my introduction to the world? It will be ideal if you uncover it to me. The mother let him know how she attend Monday fasts. The child also chose to observe the sixteen weeks fasts for reunion for his mates.

Incidentally, some messengers of former king belong to nearby place came, they were looking for an excellent and scholarly bridegroom for the daughter of king. They offered hand of the princess for him. He promptly concurred. The king have died after some time, and the son become the king. The new king proceeded with his fasts for the following sixteen Mondays. On the seventeenth Monday(after Solah Somvar Vrat Katha in English), he ordered a huge petition party at a temple. Every one of the plans was made well ahead of time. The king asked to his wife to go with him for complete his fast when priest provide him prasaad after chant lord shiva in the temple.

The queen declined to be with him. The king needed to go alone. The king heard a prophet(akashvaani) who resounded, O lords, take out the queen from the royal residence ( king’s palace) or devastation will fall upon you. The Lord came back to his royal house. He called a emergency meeting of his all wise ministers and attendants included to share that story about the akaashvaani. They all were shocked; it was because of that princess that he turned into the king. They consented to his proposition just with an overwhelming heart. The queen was eventually turned out. The queen left the palace uncovered footed and in exhausted garments. She was thirsty and exhausted. She met an old woman who had a heap of spun shafts on her head.

She was setting off to the city. She felt pity for her and requested that help her selling the yarn since she didn’t know the specialty of selling. The queen took that heap on her head. Suddenly, heavy wind cleared out the spindles which vanished in the dusty wind. The queen felt sorry and the old woman requesting that she leave. The queen went to an oilman’s house and looked for the safe house. The oilman obliged her, yet as she entered in, all of his oil pots created splits, and the oil started to flow on the ground. The oilman promptly turned her out. The queen was currently discouraged. She went to the bank of a river to complete her thirst.

As she touched the water, the water became dried up. She then went to a dark forest and saw a tank of water. As she went down the stairs and touched the neat clean water, it got to be sloppy. She reviled her destiny and put a couple of drops of the slushy water in her mouth. She was presently drained and needed to take rest under a shady tree. As she went close to the tree, its leaves started to fall and soon it got to be leafless. The cowherds( guaal) saw this activity and recounted the entire story to the priest of an adjacent temple. The priest attend the lady. He was shocked to see that the lady had imperial components. He reassured her and furnished her with all the facilities.

But after some days, he additionally got tired of her since whatever the lady touched got to be unclean ? may it be milk, nourishment or water. One day, the priest said, O women, what curse has fallen upon you? You uncover the riddle. The lady let him know how she dismisses a proposition to go to Monday fast petition. The priest comprehended the entire thing. He was aware that it was Shiva’s curse. He said, O dear women, you should attend fasts on sixteen Mondays and Lord Shiva will acquit you of your crimes. The lady understood her misstep and attended the Monday fasts for sixteen Mondays. On the seventeenth Monday, the king said to himself, My queen left my royal residence long back. Her condition must be extremely hopeless.

He called his attendants and ordered them to look out the queen. The sipaahis achieved the temple where the queen was living. The priest declined to hand over the queen to them and said, Let the king himself come to get her. The attendants went to the king and related the entire story. The king was pleased to hear the news. He went to the temple and asked for the priest to give back his queen to him. The king admitted that he betrayed the queen to avoid Lord Shiva’s anger. The priest believed the Lord’s words and the queen came back to the royal residence. She was given an illustrious welcome. The king conveyed money among the needy peoples and arranged food for the hungry. The kind and queen now routinely used to have fasts on sixteen Mondays every year and carried on with an exceptionally happy life. After their demise, they got place in Lord Shivas city, Shivapuri. Since, then it is trusted that a man who attends fasts on sixteen Mondays, gets all joys and enters Shivapuri after his passing.

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