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The Dharmshakti.in is a platform for providing information about Hindu Dharma and its significance using various mantras, kathas, stotram, and chalisa. It is a religious place on the internet where anyone can simply search his query related to any god and goddess with their Katha, exists in our ancient Vedas and epics. One can search for any festival and lively personalities.

All the information and content on this site collected, investigate, added if required and then published by a user as per their interest and requirement. All the content and details provided with targeted to user’s perception so that every user can have all the advantages from this site.

The content which is available on this site, completely verified, thoroughly analyzed after all clarification, get published on Dharamshakti.in. But in case, if any user finds any error or faults in any segment of this site, please let us know about it immediately via email or contact at Ramkumardharmshakti@gmail.com.
For more specific details about any section of this site contact via email for the same.

With a significant support of its users, Dharmshakti connects from its site to assets and sites enhanced by various associations. These all supports are given as for just a resource. Unless particularly expressed, the consideration of these links does not infer underwriting or retaining of data, information, or administration offered by an association other than the Dharmshakti.
Nondiscrimination Statement & Policies

The Dharmshakti.in does not separate on the premise of religion, cast, color, national root, statement of faith, sex, age-group, in its sections.

Nondiscrimination Statement Requirements

Below mentioned persons has been assigned to handle request on nondiscrimination* approaches:

Shri Ram Kumar

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